Personalized financial planning and investment management

A clearly defined financial plan helps you envision your future and stay on course when there's market volatility. Using advanced financial planning software, along with years of experience, we craft personalized solutions for each client.

Getting invested and staying invested is essential to achieving your financial goals. Our portfolios are built around low-cost, high-quality investments to help our clients achieve the appropriate amount of growth for their risk profile.


We will work with legal and tax professionals to establish and implement a well-written estate plan.  Proper planning will ensure your wealth continues to  support the important people and organizations in your life.

As a fiduciary, we work with clients with the highest standard of care in the financial services industry. Fiduciaries have a legal obligation to put their client's interest ahead of their own. In addition, Key Focus Wealth is a fee-only firm.

You'll work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to plan, invest, and manage your financial goals. CFP® professionals have completed extensive training in several different competencies in financial planning and understand the complexities of the changing financial climate.


Being an independent firm allows us to help clients without the constraint of a large firm's demands. Key Focus Wealth has no proprietary products to sell. Having this freedom allows us to focus on  building much stronger, long-term relationships with clients.


Years of experience

30 minutes

Time needed to get started


Cost for initial consultation


What types of clients do we help?


Your family is a key focus of yours.  We can help you plan for all the twists and turns that life will bring, no matter what stage you're in.


Planning for yourself can be just as complicated as planning for an entire family.  We can help you achieve and maintain your financial independence.


As a small business ourselves, we understand the many responsibilities that an owner faces.  Let us help you navigate through the complexities of retirement planning for yourself and your employees.


Customized guidance based on your entire financial picture

Independent advisors are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products. So whether you need help with a tax situation or managing assets at multiple places, independent advisors have the freedom to choose the investment option that’s best for you.

A relationship that’s responsive, attentive, and personal

To offer advice closely aligned with your goals, independent advisors must first build a strong understanding of your situation. As a result, there is a deep focus on building client relationships. And because many of these advisors are entrepreneurs, they hold themselves personally accountable to their clients.

A fee structure that is simple and transparent

Independent advisors typically charge a fee based on a percentage of assets managed. This fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand. It also gives your advisor an incentive to help grow your assets. When you succeed, your advisor succeeds.

A high level of expertise to support your complex financial needs

Independent advisors can help investors address the variety of complex investment needs that arise when you accumulate significant wealth. Some advisors are specialists in certain investment strategies. Others can assist you with comprehensive services, such as estate planning or borrowing, the sale of a business, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

Your money is held by an independent custodian, not the advisor firm

Independent advisors use independent custodians, such as Charles Schwab and others, to hold and safeguard clients’ assets. This provides a reassuring system of checks and balances – your money is not held by the same person who advises you about how to invest it.


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